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“Well…” He started, sighing a bit after taking a drink of his coffee. “If ye want te perform in front of people without all the fame and glory, ye start small. Ye know…gigs, small venues, school events. That or open for a large band. Ye’d perform for millions of people as they arrive in the stands, enjoyin’ ye music until the main event happens.” He said, giving a shrug while keeping his eyes on him. Looking him over, he smiled and wondered if he could help Jamie in his own way. Though, that thought was cut short by another fan. Looking to Jame, he asked to be excused for a second. Standing up to give the fan a hug and take a picture, he sat back down and looked back to Jamie.

“I be sorry about that, boyo.” He said, nodding once before taking in what he was saying before. “Aye, this place be one grand and peaceful place. I walked by that lake earlier and I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. If I not be workin’ for the class rooms around here, I’d most likely be there, at this coffee shop, or in me room.” He said, nodding once before hearing what Jamie was into, smiling big, he nodded as he flitted his hand to indicate for him to talk more about his interest in music. “I love the fact that ye are into music. If ye want, I can always listen te ye…as if I be some sort of personal audience. I won’t critic ye unless ye ask me. I’ll just sit back, enjoy the craic, and clap and whistle at the end.”

Jamie shrugged and said, “I love playing in front of people. I’ve never had stage fright ever which is kind of good thing since that’s what I plan to do for the rest of my life. I created a fan base back in the States and around my hometown. When I write more songs, I’m thinking about playing some shows here to get a little bit hype.” Jamie was about to elaborate more but then another fan hopped in. He mentally sighed and played a smile to show that he didn’t mind at all. 

When Julian apologized, Jamie shook his head in forgiveness and sipped the last of his drink. He tossed the paper cup in the trashcan that was behind him and continued his conversation with him. “I always go to that lake when I get nervous or when I need to find inspiration. It helps a lot. Especially around winter time. It looks beautiful frozen.” Julian told him that he was up for listening to him, Jamie always choked on his saliva. He coughed and coughed and grabbed a napkin to cover his mouth. The brown haired boy started to laugh and got really excited. “That’ll be amazing! Oh god.” He suddenly got nervous. “I mean, I don’t want you to do something I’m not. I’m not good. I mean, I’m not good as you. I mean, ugh. Wait stop.” He paused himself and took a deep breath in and out. “That’d be great, Julian. Thank you.”

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I’ll be enjoying my time tonight. 



Everyday’s a party! Woooooooooo!

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Coffee Soundtracks || Open Para 


“I think…I’ll call ye Jam. That’d be a grand nickname for ye.” He said, laughing softly as he looked to him. As he heard that it was okay about what was going on, he shrugged and gestured to the patrons of the coffee shop while taking a sip as if to indicate his fans. “I know me friends back home in Galway got tired of me gettin’ fans all over. This one time, I was hangin’ out with a mate of mine and his girlfriend was all over me. I told her to feck off but she just kept gettin’ on me. She was an eejit since my friend is a great man.” He said, chuckling and shaking his head. Julian was always a man to keep his cool since his patience was nearly endless. But, what that girl did, it just set him off since he didn’t appreciate people disrespecting others.

Taking another sip of his coffee, he smiled to the boy and watched as he started to relax. ‘Ah, the friend technique.’ He thought, noticing that he was taking the right approach. Not like he’d mention it since it did seem like the boy was nervous. “Bein’ aide is grand craic, no doubt about it. I love me job just as much as my other career. I make others happy with what I’m doing either way…but I feel calmer here. I don’t feel so pressured here. This, to me, is a new experience to be feckin’ honest with ye and shite. I like it here, though. What do ye do for fun, though? What interests ye, Jam?” He said, smiling to him before taking another sip of his coffee.

"Dude, that’s crazy!" Jamie said after the story about his friends. "One of my dreams is to perform in front of millions of people but I don’t want fame… Is that weird? I just want to be a normal guy that sings to people and touch people’s hearts."

He drank a large gulp of his tea and agreed, “It defiantly is very calm in Sodalis. I used to be in Fort Wayne and it was really quite there. I really loved it but when I stepped foot here, I immediately felt the beauty and the calmness of this place. It’s amazing, really.” He put his tea on the table and pushed his brown hair back. There were many things Jamie liked to do. He liked reading, writing, studying and all those academic things. If he didn’t love music as much, he’d be studying to be a lawyer. “I love music. I like to write songs and play my guitar.”

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I am way too hyper. 


Can someone please give me a tour?


I’d love to give you one. I’m Jamie, by the way.

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oOOoOoooKay. i’m going to be working on my essay today sooooOoOOo i don’t know if I’ll be on today. we’ll see

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omg! i love it! I see the friendship coming into play like i love it. 

Mornin’ Everyone! 


That would be bad..


It’s fantastic. I’m not allowed to tell anyone, but nothing really has happened. I’ve just been playing minesweeper and paper basketball. But I’m also going to show Julian around.

If you figure out how to properly play minesweeper, please tell me because that game will always be a mystery to me.

Julian Pace?! Oh, god. When I found out he was coming to Sodalis, I freaked out. He’s one of my favorite artists and he inspired me to play guitar and to try to become an artist myself. I’m too much of a fan… I think I’d freak him out…

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Hunter + Julian = BROTP